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Ants are often regarded as nuisance pest, being unsightly around paving, on lawns or in your home; but may also pose a health risk if found inside your home as they can also transmit disease organisms. There are known instances where of ants mechanically carrying on their bodies or in their digestive tract, disease organisms causing dysentery, and a variety of pathogenic bacteria (GEOROZISIS, 2008) Urban Pest Management in Australia. Therefore, eliminating ants from your home is highly recommended using professional Pest Control applications for lasting affect. It is important to destroy the colony of ants and not just the ants visible at the time you notice them, as the queen ant can simply reproduce more eggs.

In order to help prevent ants coming into your home keep your home clean by regular vacuuming floors, carpet and furniture. Poor sanitation and hygiene practices will lead to ants entering your home; so take out rubbish each day, wipe down kitchen benches and clean any spillage from foods quickly and generally keep your kitchen hygienically clean as ants can sense food, send out scouts and the rest is history. Ants can also build a nest in your walls or roof void if they feel conducive conditions exist; therefore it is important to eradicate the colony before they really settle in and cause other problems.

When we provide Pest Control Treatment for Ants we carryout and inspection and we use only high quality chemicals that are low in toxicity to humans and animals as well as the environment which are powerful and potent in eradicating ant colonies from your home. We conduct a thorough inspection of your home to locate and destroy the ants nest. Otherwise ant’s nests that are discreet or not detectable are destroyed using various applications such as a bating, dusting or odourless chemical application. How do you get rid of Ants from your house? By using a Professional Company like Hertz Pest Control who know how to target and eradicate Ant colonies from your home the first time.