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Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are often picked up when you go on holidays and are often found in your luggage, or you may buy some second hand furniture that may be infested with bed bugs. They are very discreet and often hide under the bead of mattresses, cracks and crevices in furniture and skirting, wardrobes and clothing. They come out in the dark for feeding and then return to their hiding places where they group together. There bites can become very irritable and therefore can make children as well as adults very uncomfortable and distressed. Bed bugs can be very persistent and therefore effective eradication of bed bugs requires the right tools and knowledge to address the issue permanently. The female bug can lay up to 500 eggs in her life time and her eggs will hatch between 7 to 30 days and she will spread her eggs around in cracks and crevices of furniture in close proximity to the bed.

Prevention of bed bugs infestation can be difficult as often it is beyond the home owners control. Hostels, hotels, motels and other similar accommodation often have travelers from overseas and therefore staying in accommodation whilst on holidays will always pose a risk of beg bugs entering your luggage. Inspecting second hand furniture especially beds and mattresses carefully for bed bugs before bringing it into the house will help reduce the risk of infestation. When luggage is transported in a plane it is piled together and therefore it is extremely easy for bed bugs to enter other luggage due to the fact the zip or luggage is in most cases not designed to keep out bed bugs.

When we provide Pest Control Treatment for Bed bugs we carryout an inspection and use three different applications which include steam, dust and a high quality odourless chemical that is low in toxicity to humans and animals as well as the environment; which is powerful and potent to achieve fast knock down results and lasting affects. We treat all areas including cracks and crevices, wardrobes beds and mattresses. We also guide our customers in the preparation of Bed bug eradication so the Bed bugs and their eggs can be eradicated in a one step, three applications process. In order to eradicate Bed bugs from your home our technician will need to spend enough time in your home to cover all possible hidden areas. How do you get rid of Bed bugs from your house? By using a Professional Company like Hertz Pest Control who know how to target and eradicate bed bugs from your home the first time.