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Bird Control

Pest bird populations are increasing around Australia and birds are becoming a problem around buildings. They can cause unsightly droppings, damage and affect the health of your family. Birds nesting in your guttering or downpipes can also cause water drainage problems that can lead to moisture build up in your walls or timbers. Water damage in your home can be lead to costly repairs so it’s best to rectify bird issues around your home promptly in order to save money in the long run. Birds nesting around your home can also lead to Bird Lice & Mites leaving the nest and searching for a new host if young birds have left the nest and thereby affect your family of external parasite bites.

Prevention of Birds becoming pests around your home only requires you to be vigilant and ascertain why you are developing a bird problem. In many instance bird can become pests due to a food source around your property such as bird seed given to your own caged bird that have spilled out of the cage. In other instances birds could find the area ideal for breeding and have decided to nest in your roof void via entry through broken tiles; guttering and down pipes.

When we provide Bird Control around your home we ensure we place the most appropriate bird proofing application in place in order to address the bird issues promptly and adequately. How do you get rid of birds from your house? By using a Professional Company like Hertz Pest Control who know how to resolve your bird issues around your home the first time.