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Bird Lice

Birds are hosts for bird lice and mites that feed on bird feathers and skin; the latter become occasional pests of humans when birds nest in buildings. The problem may begin where the young birds leave the nest and therefore the external parasites left behind in the nesting materials also leave to find a new host which can be peoples bedroom, nursing homes and hospitals to name a few. It is important to quickly identify birds nesting in buildings or homes and have a professional pest control company relocate the nest before the young birds leave the nest so as to prevent the parasites moving into buildings occupied by people.

Prevention of Bird Lice & Mites can be achieved by bird proofing areas prone to birds nesting such as roofing, guttering and downpipes.

When we provide Pest Control Treatment for Bird Lice & Mites we inspect your home for signs of these parasites normally the lower areas below the nest such as bedrooms walls. We then treat the areas affected with high quality chemicals / dusts that are low in toxicity to humans and animals as well as the environment; which are powerful and potent in eradicating external parasites from your home. How do you get rid of Bird Lice from your house? By using a Professional Company like Hertz Pest Control who know how to target and eradicate Bird Lice from your home the first time.