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Hertz Pest Control provides pest control services to all commercial property including private and government facilities. We assess your pest problems and then introduce appropriate control measures to eradicate your pest problem from your commercial facilities. We fully guarantee the quality of our products and services and will be happy to discuss pest control maintenance programs for your facility. We only use high quality odourless chemicals that are low in toxicity to humans but potent enough for fast knock down results. We understand the importance of a pest free environment for your facility and will work closely with you to ascertain what your expectations are and demonstrate to you how those expectations can be met.

We understand the investment you have in your business and our goal will always be protecting the reputation of your firm by applying integrated pest management. We will identify any gaps in your current pest control maintenance program and will ensure that continuous improvement applications are implemented. The most important factor for a commercial pest control technician can do is to spend enough time on your premises to thoroughly inspect and identify signs of pests before they become a real problem.

We take pride in our high quality work as well as our reputation and will always apply ourselves in a professional manner, apply methodic pest control techniques that produce consistent and great results to your facility. Please call us to discuss your current pest management issues on your premises and rest assure you will receive a great and effective service.

We provide Pest Control Treatment services to Child Care Facilities, Schools, Restaurants, Kitchens, Warehouses, Industrial Facilities, Gyms, Stores, Shopping Malls, Shops, Offices and Government Facilities. No matter what commercial property you have please don’t hesitate to call Hertz Pest Control.