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Fleas are parasites that feed of the blood of humans and animals and can become quite a problem in your home and need to be treated as soon as possible to prevent potential infestations. Fleas can cause great discomfort to children and adults and scratching can lead to secondary infection. They can also transmit diseases such as Murine or endemic typhus, intestinal worm parasites such as Dog and Rat Tape. Fleas were responsible for the Black Death Plague during the Middle Ages and at the start of the 20 Century that was responsible for killing millions of people. There are various important flea pest species that include Cat flea, Dog flea, Human flea and the Oriental rat flea. All these fleas will interchange their host and therefore need to be eradicated from your home to protect your family and pets from discomfort, infections and disease.

In order to help prevent flea infestation keep your home clean by regular vacuuming floors, carpet and furniture. Keep your lawns short and if your pets have access to your subfloor, it will be best to have this access restricted as these areas are prone to flea breeding infestations. Keep your animals free of fleas by treating them with the various products and treatments available. However, if there is a nearby infestation of fleas in the neighborhood they will jump on passing animals such as rats and cats that may drop in to your property and therefore spread the infestation to your home.

When we provide Pest Control Treatment for fleas we carryout an inspection and use both high quality dust and chemicals for fleas. We target all flea prone external areas including your lawns, paving dog bedding and kennel, subfloor and any specific problem areas including inside your home if applicable. We use only high quality low toxicity chemicals that are safe to humans and animals as well as the environment; which are powerful and potent to insects that will break the flea breeding cycle as well as exterminating fleas and their eggs. As a preparation your lawn will need to be very short and hosed just before our arrival and your animals removed from the premises and treated for fleas by a Veterinarian. How do you get rid of fleas from your house? By using a Professional Company like Hertz Pest Control who know how to target and eradicate flea infestations from your home the first time.