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Hertz Carpet Dry Cleaning & Protection

Hertz Carpet Cleaning professionals are quite thorough and take pride in bringing your carpets back to life by using state of the art equipment and non-residue cleaning solutions so your carpets will stay cleaner longer. Thorough & effective quality carpet dry cleaning with quiet & gentle twin counter rotating cylindrical brushes containing 600,000 bristles moving at 650rpm provide exceptional cleaning power on those hard tough stains. Stains can be removed from your carpets without the worry of over saturation and damage to your carpet fibers and underlay. Hertz Carpet Cleaning use great care to dry clean your carpets that will be totally fresh and clean. Hertz Carpet Cleaning professionals ensure that every stain in the carpet is addressed adequately and with the right stain remover to effectively remove any removable stain from your carpets. Your carpet will be deodorized and dried on average in 15 minutes depending on the degree of soiling in the carpet prior to clean.
Hertz Carpet Cleaning 8 step process to fresh clean and dry carpets:
  • Inspection & identification of areas of concern such as stains, damage and high traffic areas
  • High powered vacuuming of your carpets before cleaning in order to remove deep embedded soil
  • Stain treatment and non-residual pre spray solution application of complete carpet area to be cleaned
  • Gentle scrubbing of carpet with twin counter rotating cylindrical brushes
  • Extraction of soil and dissolved stains
  • Final cleaning inspection of your carpets
  • Free Deodorizing of your clean carpet
  • Quick drying process of about 15 minutes on average
Hertz Carpet Protection
Hertz Carpet Protection is highly recommended as it may protect your carpet from permanent staining if an accidental spill of food or liquid occurs. Hertz Carpet Protection will allow you time to remove the stain before it becomes permanent. Hertz Carpet Protection also makes vacuuming your carpet easier as it helps prevent dust and soil from clinging on to your carpet fibers and therefore assist your carpet to stay cleaner longer and decrease carpet fiber wear and tear. If you have little children running around your house then you definitely need Carpet Protection on your carpets as this will save you from replacing your carpet due to premature wear and tear or unsightly stains.