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Hertz Upholstery Dry Cleaning & Protection

Hertz Upholstery Dry Cleaning uses a unique method in cleaning your upholstery effectively and that is by utilizing pure steam. We do not use any high water pressure on your upholstery but only pure steam that will not only effectively clean your upholstery but will also sanitise it in the same action. Moreover, dust mites cannot survive the temperature of steam and therefore will also perish during our cleaning process. Due to using very little water content on your upholstery during the solution pre spray application, most upholstery dries within 15 minutes. Unlike other traditional methods such as steam cleaning that has been regularly known to take up to 2 days for upholstery to dry. This unfortunately can cause mould to grow in your upholstery and create bad odours and unhealthy living conditions for your family.
Cleaning your upholstery effectively requires the right preparation in order to loosen embedded soil and stains. Hertz Upholstery Dry Cleaning will ensure that your upholstery will come up the best it can and the reason for this is that we prepare it for cleaning before we clean it. Hertz Upholstery Dry Cleaning are one of the very few companies that are willing to spend the necessary extra time on your upholstery to ensure it looks great at the completion of the clean. Companies that spend only 1 hour on a 5 seater lounge suite is just not spending enough time to effectively dissolve and remove soil and water content from it; that’s why Hertz Upholstery Cleaning spends the time in preparation before the clean for effective cleaning technique of your upholstery. At completion of the cleaning process we deodorise your upholstery for free.

Hertz Upholstery Cleaning 8 step process to fresh clean and dry upholstery:
  • Inspection & identification of areas of concern such as stains and damage
  • Stain treatment and non-residual pre spray solution application of upholstery to be cleaned
  • Gentle agitation of upholstery fibers to loosen and dissolve embedded soil and stains
  • Pure steam application to upholstery with extraction of dissolved soil and stains
  • Final cleaning inspection of your upholstery
  • Free deodorizing of your clean upholstery
  • Quick drying process of about 15 minutes on average
Hertz Upholstery Protection
We highly recommend Hertz Upholstery Protection for your upholstery as the fibers are quite susceptible to staining and premature wear. Hertz Upholstery Protection will assist in removing accidental food and liquid spills from your upholstery and will extend the life of your upholstery by helping prevent dust and soil clinging on to the upholstery fibers.