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Pre Purchase Timber Pest Inspections

Buying a new home is a very exciting but can be a stressful time, so the end result should be you moving into a home you can begin to enjoy. However, one of the most important things you can do as a home buyer is to have a Pre Purchase Timber Pest Inspection on the home you wish to buy. Now the most important advice I can give you is to use an independent company such as Hertz Pest Control as our findings have no impact in our relationship with any real estate, conveyances or law firm as we only provide high quality unbiased Pre Purchase Timber Pest Inspections. Therefore, if we carryout a timber and pest inspection and pick up any previous termite treatments, timber replacement, or indeed any current termite or borer activity in the home you wish to purchase this will be in our comprehensive report.

Providing a high quality service to our clients involves the use of a number of termite inspection tools to assist in identification and detection of timber pests, timber damage, timber replacement, past or current termite treatments. In order to reduce the risk of missing vital information that would be the upmost importance for the home buyer’s decision in purchasing the home. We carryout all our termite as well as Pre Purchase Timber Pest Inspections using the following tools: time, yes enough time to complete a thorough inspection is what most other companies don’t give during a Pre Purchase Timber Pest Inspection, in fact some companies try and squeeze two inspections together and offer their clients a bargain if they do a Building Inspection and Pre Purchase Timber Pest Inspection together. Home buyers must be cautious as their purchase is a very large investment and the cost of termite eradication and timber damage can cost many thousands of dollars. It is best to have one timber pest inspector in the home concentrating on finding termites and staying focused on the job in hand so important clues of timber damage, termite damage, active termites or borers aren’t missed; after all that is why your paying them.

This is why Hertz Pest Control provides high quality services and are not interested in providing a fast inadequate service and then moving on to the next home. When Hertz Pest Control conducts a Pre Purchase Timber Pest Inspection we spend time on your potential home to provide you with a more detailed inspection than most companies Hertz Pest Control spends 3 hours during a Pre Purchase Timber Pest Inspection and we are proud to be one of the very few companies to take our Pre Purchase Timber Pest Inspections seriously. We presume the home has termites and then methodically go out and conduct a thorough investigative inspection using multiple termite detection tools such as thermal imaging camera, sound sensors, and moisture detectors, physical and visible inspections. Moreover, we use high powered flood lighting to turn darkness into daylight; going up into a roof void using a simple torch just does not cut it, for our company. Moreover, our comprehensive plain English Pre Purchase Timber Pest Inspection Report in accordance to Australian Standard 4349.3-2010 will be emailed to you within 24 hours.

We are so confident in our Pre Purchase Timber Pest Inspections that we GUARANTEE that if we provide you with an Australian Standard 4349.3-2010 report that states that no termites have been detected during the inspection we will back it up with a free termite eradication baiting program warranty for three months from the date of the report, if termites become apparent in your new home. The only cost to you will be the cost of a termite inspection of your newly purchased home so we can carryout an inspection to ascertain the termite nest or entry point for your free eradication baiting program. Now that is value, you will save thousands on termite eradication and so you can be confident that we will with no doubts intensely try and detect termites during the Pre Purchase Inspection process if they are in fact in the home thereby benefiting both our client and our company. The reason we provide this service is that when termites initially start to invade a home and there is no detectable damage or moisture build up during the inspection then this activity will go unnoticed. Therefore we feel people purchasing a new home should enjoy there new home without the worry, disappointment and cost associated with termite eradication.