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Silverfish like dark places and can be found almost anywhere and are especially found in roof voids, wall cavities, subfloor areas and many places in the dwelling areas. They feed on most human food and crumbs but prefer starchy materials; they also destroy the outer shiny layer of paper and photographs including such things as book bindings, cottons, linens, glue, sizing and even wallpaper. It is important to rectify this pest if you see it around as it can destroy very important or irreplaceable items in your home.

Prevention of Silverfish requires Pest Control Treatment maintenance in and around your home in order to stop this pest from moving into your home and begin to destroy your important items. Try not to store any books or photographs in dark places were Silverfish may harbor as this will create ideal conducive conditions. Keep your kitchen hygienically clean and make sure you keep up with house keeping throughout the home to reduce the risk of Silverfish deciding to stick around as there are good sources of available food. Keep foods in pantry in sealed containers and keep an eye out for any damaged fabrics and make your wardrobe light and airy several days a week. Inspect all second hand books and furniture for Silverfish before bringing them into your home in case there are any stowaways. If you do see the odd Silverfish now and then inside your home it may be the case that you need to exterminate them ASAP.

When we provide Pest Control Treatment for Silverfish we carry out an extensive inspection so as to identify the extent of infestation. Inspections include moving and opening stored articles in order to disturb Silverfish. We automatically give you the full Silverfish extermination treatment which covers the various areas that Silverfish may harbor including your roof void, subfloor, wardrobes, pantry and other identified areas. These areas are targeted with a combination of treatments including chemical, dust and surface sprays. Our high quality chemicals that is low in toxicity to humans and animals as well as the environment, which are powerful and potent in eradicating Silverfish from your home. How do you get rid of Silverfish from your house? By using a Professional Company like Hertz Pest Control who know how to target and eradicate Silverfish from your home the first time.