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TERMIGRID® Program consist of 3 core components

  • State of the art Termite Monitoring Stations.
  • A Thermal Imaging Camera termite inspection of your home every 6 months.
  • A 3 year Termite Eradication Warranty.

Hertz Pest Control is a Nemisis Accredited Professional Company and can place termite monitoring stations around your home in order to detect and eradicate subterranean termites before they attack your home. These termite monitoring stations are a state of the art program to give you our valued client peace of mind when you choose to protect your home from termite attack. Reducing the risk of extensive termite timber damage to your home one only has to look at the CSIRO Termite Hazard Map who considers all areas in Sydney to be of high risk of subterranean termite attack. When you TERMIGRID® your home we will conduct 6 monthly termite inspections to your home to ensure that we detect and eradicate subterranean termite colonies from your home building and reduce the likelihood of extensive termite timber damage.

If you’re serious about reducing the risk of termite attack on your home then TERMIGRID® your home. Termite monitoring stations are an essential control measure which is designed to protect your most valued asset by intercepting subterranean termites before they reach your home by applying Hertz Pest Control’s exclusive TERMIGRID® Program to your home. We provide a 3 year Warranty that guarantees that if you TERMIGRID® your home by Hertz Pest Control professionally installing termite monitoring stations around your home and if your home building is attacked by subterranean termites within the 3 year termite eradication warranty period we will eradicated the termite colony from your home building at no cost using a professional termite baiting system.

TERMIGRID® Program Warranty

TERMIGRID® Program Warranty is based on an initial termite inspection being carried out on your home building and no active termites detected; and as long as 6 monthly termite inspections are carried out within the due date by Hertz Pest Control then the warranty will be fulfilled. The TERMIGRID® Program Warranty becomes void if any termite inspections are not carried out by the due date or termite treatments are carried out by another firm during the Termite Monitoring Station 3 year termite eradication warranty period. Hertz Pest Control is not responsible for any timber damage or repair due to termite attacks on your home building at any stage; the TERMIGRID® Program is a control measure to reduce the risk of termite attack by intercepting subterranean termites before they reach your home. Therefore, Hertz Pest Control cannot absolutely guarantee that subterranean termites will not attack a home building but only reduce the risk and increase the likelihood of subterranean termite detection.