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Termite Eradication

Hertz Pest Control use only high quality products to eradicate termites from your home. Products that are low in toxins to humans and animals but highly toxic and potent to termites are a better choice for your family and pets health and safety as well as the environment. When we carrying out a termite inspection and we detect termites in your home building we will provide you with evidence of the active termites. This is an important factor as a client you need to be provided with enough information so you can make an informed decision. Our Termite Eradication Warranty offers great value to our clients for termite eradication and we guarantee our termite eradication for 1 year from the date of first termite detection. Therefore, if termites come back to your home building within this period we will eradicate them from your home. Why can Hertz Pest Control offer a 1 year Warranty on termite eradication? This is because we understand that once eradication takes place there is a risk of another termite colony moving in due to previous termite pheromone trails left behind from the original termite colony. We consider our client an important part of our business and therefore we like to demonstrate a balance between quality service to our clients, losses and profits. In other words we take the good with the bad and that way we retain our valued clients and receive increased referrals which accounts to savings on our advertising budget.

To identify if a termite colony has been successfully eradicated starts with the change in colour of the termites and then identifying the worker termites from the number of soldier termites. Worker termites look significantly different from the soldier termites and they out number them considerably. Therefore, during the baiting program the worker termites numbers will start to reduce and when it has come to the point that only soldier termites are seen or very few worker termites are detected, this sends a clear message to the termite inspector that the baiting program is a success and the termite queen has been eliminated, due to the fact she relies on worker termites to feed her. Once the termite queen has been eliminated that is the end of the termite colony and the rest of the remaining termites will perish.

Termite Eradication Warranty

Our Termite Eradication Warranty will guarantee that if we eradicate termites from your home building we guarantee to eradicate any further termite attack to your home building for a period of 1 year from the first date of termite detection.

The warranty becomes void if any outstanding payment is not paid within the specified time period of the invoice.

The warranty becomes void if any termite inspection or termite treatments are carried out by another firm during the 12 months warranty period.

Termite eradication under the Termite Eradication Warranty will be implemented using a professional termite baiting system.

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