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Termite Inspections

Looking to Do Inspections in Your House for Termites?

The importance of having regular termite inspections in accordance to Australian Standard 3660.2-2000 cannot be expressed enough to make people understand how much there home is at risk of termite attacks. Penrith, Narellan and surrounding suburbs lie in a high risk area of termite attack as demonstrated with the CSIRO Termite Hazard Map. Homes in these areas have or had considerable amount of trees in the area. Once trees are cleared and new homes are built in the area, where are the termites going to find their source of food? Your home of course! Unfortunately some people believe because their home is built with treated timber they will be free of termites. Consequently termites use treated timber as a bridge and move onto timber, plaster, plastics and other material in your home that has not been treated such as architraves, skirting boards or treated timber that has been compromised due to resizing cuts.

Australia Standards recommends home owners have their homes termite inspected at least once every year. Now there is a reason they use this particular wording, (at least). Therefore, residence in an area like Penrith, Emu Plains, Glenmore Park, Narellan, Mount Annan, Carnes Hill, Camden, Oran Park and Harrington Park that has lots of trees have an increased risk of termite attack and should be inspected twice a year. Newer areas that were past bush settings that have been cleared of trees are quite susceptible to termite attack. Termites see homes as a smorgasbord. They will source your home as they would any tree for their nourishment and growth of their colony.

Let’s look at this carefully, termite colonies rely on trees for their major diet source of cellulose extracted from the wood of a tree. Therefore, when trees are cleared from an area and homes are built in their place, where will termites go to get their source of cellulose? Areas such as Oran Park, Harrington Grove, Harrington Park, Gregory Hills, Penrith, Glenmore Park, Emu Plains and close surrounding areas should particularly have concerns for their homes and should not ignore the high risk of termite attack.

Hertz Pest Control is not in the business of trying to put fear into our customers minds in order to get them to do termite inspections, we are just honest on what is the actual risk to your home so you don’t get caught out like a lot of other people in the area. So to detect termites early and minimize damage to your home building and save thousands of dollars in damage repairs then have your home inspected twice a year. People insure their vehicles for a reason as they want to protect their investment and cover the damage to others right? Then is it not the case that our homes should also be covered from a real risk of termite attack and costly damage? Then the best way to do this is with regular termite inspections. Home insurance unfortunately will not cover the cost of termite attacks or structural damage to your home, so home owners need to be proactive and take steps themselves to protect there home from expensive timber damage caused by termite attacks. Keeping your head in the sand when it comes to your home could be a painful mistake so act now before it’s too late.

Most of the time termites are unnoticed to the home owner until extensive damage occurs running into many thousands of dollars. Termites are quite persistent and never sleep and therefore always find a way around any weak spot in treated areas, treated timbers and even barriers. You see humans may come up with very good ideas to stop or deter termites from your building but when it comes to the application of the various products on the market there are a variety of reasons for each product why it fails. If this was not the case then every home would be constructed using the bullet proof system and therefore we would not be discussing this matter as termites would not be a concern to us. Every home needs to have a termite inspection as recommended by Australian Standards.

Hertz Pest Control spends 2 hours during a Termite Inspection and we are proud to be one of the very few companies to take our termite inspections in Penrith seriously. We presume the home has termites and then methodically go out and conduct a thorough investigative inspection using multiple termite detection tools such as thermal imaging camera, sound sensors, and moisture detectors, physical and visible inspections. Moreover, we use high powered flood lighting to turn darkness into daylight; going up into a roof void using a simple torch just does not cut it for our Company. Moreover, our comprehensive plain English Termite Inspection Report in accordance to Australian Standard 3660.2-2000 will be emailed to you within 24 hours.