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The Australian Paralysis Female Tick is dangerous to both animals as well as humans as they are blood suckers and have the capability of causing death or non fatal infections due to a toxin being introduced into their hosts bloodstream when feeding. Ticks cannot jump they latch on to animal hair or clothing as the potential host passes. Symptoms of a Tick bite on an animal start to occur about 3 to 7 days and include: loss of appetite, lassitude and depression occur, discharge from eyes may be present, paralysis is first evident in the hind limbs, when the animal finds difficulty in walking and coordinating its movements, vomiting may be evident, followed by grunting and wheezing. Paralysis then extends to the forequarters, with accompanying difficulty in swallowing and breathing. The animal’s eye show distress and the pupils become dilated. Death may be caused by respiratory failure brought about by paralysis of the throat region or heart failure may occur. Ticks are usually more abundant around November – December period and numbers decline in winter.

Prevention of and detection of Ticks will require maintenance of your lawn around your property to ensure that environmental conditions are not favorable to Ticks as short grass make it difficult for Ticks to attach to a host. Checking your animal for Ticks should be carried out every second day and keep an eye out for any symptoms. Take your pet to a Veterinary Doctor if you suspect your animal may have a Tick.

When we provide Pest Control Treatment for Ticks around your home we apply only high quality chemicals that are powerful and potent yet low in toxicity to humans and animals and not harmful to the environment. We will guide you on Tick prevention around your home so you can protect your family and pets from serious illness as a result of Tick bites. How do you get rid of Ticks from your house? By using a Professional Company like Hertz Pest Control who know how to resolve your Tick issues around your home the first time.